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October 2018 Charity of the Month - Baby Basics

22 October 2018

This month’s charity is devoted to babies! During October all the revenues gathered from the booking fees of the tickets sold through Tickets for Good, will support Baby Basics and its cause. Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a newborn. Working with midwives, health visitors and other professional groups, Baby Basics has created a network of volunteers committed to provide the essential baby equipment and support for those in need.

Since 2009 when it was founded, Baby Basics has now become a well known and used service across Sheffield that is expanding throughout UK, encouraging more people to run a Baby Basics project for their local community. In cooperation with the local church, a clothing bank has been created. Every item given away through Baby Basics is donated by someone in the local community and sorted by the team of volunteers. A so called ‘Moses Basket’ of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment made with a high level of care and love from the volunteers, is given to the new mums in order to keep their babies safe and provide to them all the affection needed without any obstacle!

An exceptional example of solidarity proving that when people come together great things can happen!

Baby Basics relies on donations, so when you are shopping consider adding in one or two items to your basket and donating them to pass along to families in need. Most frequently requested items are listed here ☞ www.bit.ly/2yqg8D3 .Visit the following website to find your closest Baby Basics center ☞ www.bit.ly/2EyXFJR.

Visit www.baby-basics.org.uk to find out more about this project, as well as how to run a Baby Basics project for your local community. Follow @BabyBasicsUK on Facebook to be updated for all the events organised, as “Quiz nights” are regularly planed in order to raise money for their cause.