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Introducing the Ticket Bank project - T4G’s freshly launched initiative.

10 July 2018

Most of us will have experienced that moment, heading to the exit after a great gig or event, with a feeling of excitement or inspiration at what we just saw. However for some people, these experiences we so-often take for granted are simply out of reach due to factors such as low income, unequal opportunity or poor health.  


Key to our vision here at T4G is that everyone, regardless of income or cultural background, should be free to enjoy the wealth of arts and music events available out there, and benefit from the enriching experience.      


Based on this vision, we recently launched our online ticket donation service - The Ticket Bank. Working with local charities and not-for-profits, we partner with events organisers to offer out donated tickets to events. We’ve had some amazing feedback so far and very excited about developments on the horizon.

If you know a community group that would benefit from the receipt of tickets, or an events organiser that would like to donate to the scheme, please get in touch with Ticket Bank Coordinator: rachel@ticketsforgood.co.uk