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Little Wing Film Festival returns to London for 2019

18 September 2019

Established three years ago, the Little Wing Film Festival is back from the 20th-22nd of September 2019 at Mirth, Marvel & Maud in London. Founded as a movement focused on fairly compensating young filmmakers for their efforts, the event now finds itself offering film graduates, students and first-time videographers exposure and experience.

"We want to create events and opportunities that shift us towards a future in film that we'd like to see for ourselves and encourage around us - a future that is inclusive, where opportunities aren't just reserved for those who can afford to work unpaid, and where talent isn't disadvantaged because it's new."

Run for young people, by young people - Little Wing Film Festival have carefully selected several shorts, features, animations and documentaries all with the chance of winning some of the prizes on offer. Over the past two years the team behind Little Wing has given away £8,000 worth of money and prizes to fledgling directors, with this years’ awards including partnership programmes and mentorship within the BBC.

Equalising opportunities, Little Wing Film Festival allows film goers to join workshops, Q&As and panels with the likes of BAFTA-winning actor Jamie Robson, award-winning writer and director Peter Marsden and the MET Film School. This sort of progressive attitude demonstrated by the festival organisers could be the key to giving vital experience to young filmmakers.

"We want the festival itself to be a rewarding experience, not only for filmmakers who have submitted but for those who are attending as well. If you're in London and attending, the weekend itself will consist of networking opportunities and a workshop headed by industry leaders in film-making and festival consultancy"

Tickets and details of the programme below. Check Little Wing website for more information.

Profits from the ticketing booking fees are directed to our Ticket Bank project, which supports marginalised groups access art and cultural events.

Are you a charity or community group interested in receiving Little Wing Film Festival for your beneficiaries? LWFF has kindly donated some tickets to Ticket bank for this year edition to be accessed by charities and social projects and redistributed. Register today with The Ticket Bank!


September 20th

Opening Night // Tickets

The Connection UK - 15 minutes - Director Heidi Jones

Kim USA - 7 minutes - Director Madeline Landry

Tracks UK - 15 minutes - Director Rosie Day

A Queer City UK - 8 minutes - Director George Hellings

The Audition UK- 15 minutes - Director Kit Loyd

Cross UK - 10 minutes - Director Gillian Harker

Hollywood Is In Her Head France - 14 minutes - Director Lou Cheruy Zidi


September 21st

Society on Screen + Q&A // Tickets

Hedgehog UK –  11 minutes –  Director Edward Bulmer

Hidden Homelessness UK –  14 minutes –  Director J. Leggat and G. Cubin

Bleed the Floor UK –  10 minutes –  Director Max Tobin and Ed Whyte

The Sofa Surfer UK –  7 minutes –  Director Corey Smith

Ripples Canada – 6 minutes –  Director Christina Borgs

Holy Jail USA/Norway –  11 minutes – Director Maria Lavelle

Surf Mermaid Australia –  13 minutes – Director Charlotte Rowson


Women. + Q&A // Tickets

Troubled Waters UK –  13 minutes – Director Gemma Norton

Glass Ceiling UK – 3 minutes – Director Alice Lambert

Clementines UK – 19 minutes – Director Laurie Barraclough

In Our Skin UK – 4 minutes – Director Rosa Beiroa

Black Girl Poem USA – 3 minutes – Director Daryl Bright

Crust UK – 4 minutes – Director Isabella Avery

Dark Hearts Germany – 26 minutes – Director Maria Neheimer


Disable the Lens + Q&A // Tickets

Stitch UK – 4 minutes – Director Siobhán Smith

(Un)Moved UK – 6 minutes – Director Dan Wood

Mash UK – 13 minutes – Director Tyro Heath

Forget-me-not UK – 8 minutes – Director Sarah Smith

Love And Loss USA – 22 minutes – Director Yiying Nikki Li

Coda USA – 22 minutes – Director Erika Davis March (subtitled)


September 22nd

Low Budget Independent Filmmaking Workshop // Tickets


Rebels With A Cause // Tickets

I Can Stand Germany - 18 minutes - Director Malika Musaeva

Overexposed UK - 13 minutes - Director Amber Tordoff-Gibson

Mother’s Princess Israel - 11 minutes - Director Alana Amram

Here’s To USA - 5 minutes - Director Kelsey Ferrell

Film The Change: Plastic UK - 38 minutes - Director Laura Mahler


Navigating Relationships // Tickets

Throuple USA - 19 minutes - Director Chrissie De Guzman

Angels Israel - 10 minutes - Director Core Neimen

Difficult People USA/India - 20 minutes - Director Sahil Vaidya

Monsoon Season UK - 8 minutes - Director Matthew Cullum

@Sunny Israel - 19 minutes - Director Ronnie Zidon


This is US UK + Awards / Afterparty // Tickets

Nobody’s Darling UK - 15 minutes - Director Sophia Carr-Gomm

Two Steps Forward UK - 12 minutes - Director Caroline Lang

Straight Outta Compton, Berkshire UK - 13 minutes - Director Billy Morton

Welcome to Harmondsworth UK - 15 minutes - Director Felix Bazalgette and Toby Bull

Keeping Up The Act UK - 23 minutes - Director Paul Baker