3 Mothers

Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre Street, Sheffield S1 4QZ, Sheffield

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019
7:30pm to 10:00pm


Free Invitation (for those who can't afford)
£0.00 + £0.00 fee
Concession (suggested)
£5.00 + £1.00 fee
Full Price (suggested)
£7.00 + £1.00 fee
Refugee Friend Scheme (suggested)
£14.00 + £1.40 fee

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Set in present day Senegal, Bavaria and post WW2 Sudentenland, Three Mothers immerses the audience in the personal lives and the dilemmas facing its three female characters. The story follows their lives as they attempt to make difficult decisions that will change their lives forever. Enforced migration and refugee status are the backdrop to this inspiring, uplifting and intertwined story spanning a time-frame of 60 years, of women’s determination to carry on and create a new life.


Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre Street, Sheffield S1 4QZ , 202 Eyre street , Sheffield