Work, Welfare and Seeking Asylum

DINA, Sheffield

Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
6:00pm to 6:45pm


Free Invitation (for those who can't afford)
£0.00 + £0.00 fee
Full Price (suggested)
£2.00 + £1.00 fee
Refugee Friend Scheme (suggested)
£4.00 + £1.00 fee

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Asylum seekers in the UK do not routinely have the right to enter the labour market. In the absence of a right to work, the government provide them with welfare support. Support levels are very low, around 50% of Job Seekers Allowance. Join Dr Lucy Mayblin in examining the reasons given by successive governments for these restrictions on the economic rights of asylum seekers and find out whether there is any evidence to support their reasoning.


DINA , 32A-34 Cambridge St, Sheffield , Sheffield