Little Wing Film Festival 2019

Mirth, Marvel & Maud, London

Friday, 20 Sep 2019
7:00pm to 9:30pm

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Your booking fee goes towards the TicketsForGood Foundation which allows charities and social projects to help underprivileged people enjoy events in film, music, and the arts. Thank you.

Join us for the opening night of Little Wing Film Festival 2019! We’re screening films from some of the most talented emerging filmmakers around today and you can get a taster of the diverse films we’ll be showing over the weekend. You can pick up a goodie bag to welcome you to the festival and a bag of Metcalfe’s popcorn – then join us for a music and drinks to top off the night!

UK - 15 min - Dir. Heidi Jones
An aspiring comic struggles to make a name for herself on the male-dominated comedy club circuit. After an interaction with a fan leads to obsession and stalking, she must navigate the waters of toxic fandom and online/offline boundaries.

USA – 7 min – Dir. Madeline Landry
Just a day in the life of Kim; a friendly, well-meaning, man-eating siren, and an unlikely friendship explored as a stop motion mockumentary.

UK – 15 min – Dir. Rosie Day
When two young women meet on a train, unbeknownst to them, their crossing paths will lead to an encounter which changes the course of their lives for good.

UK – 8 min – Dir. George Hellings
Young drag artists navigate the rising drag scene in Norwich, a place where their actions appear to be going unnoticed by the rest of the world. We explore this close-knit new wave of creatives carving a place for themselves to express their queerness and identity through performance and visual artistry

UK – 15 min – Dir. Kit Loyd
Phil has an idea- he's going to put on a play. He may just be the biggest hit Little Wolford has ever seen.

UK – 10 min – Dir. Gillian Harker
On the surface, Tom and Kelly have a passionate, loving relationship - but Tom has a shameful secret he is desperate to keep hidden. This touching short shines a light on relationship dynamics and acceptance.

FRANCE – 14 min – Dir. Lou Cheruy Zidi
Bills are piling up as Lila and her son scrape by on petty theft and working the system. As Max discovers the truth about how they’re really keeping their heads above water, he must decide where his alliances lie.


Mirth, Marvel & Maud , 186 Hoe St, Walthamstow , London