Little Wing Film Festival 2019 // Rebels With A Cause

Mirth, Marvel & Maud, London

Sunday, 22 Sep 2019
2:15pm to 3:45pm

Display 5

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Whether is social media, environmentalism, or extremist ideologies, here’s a peek into the lives of a generation fed up with the status quo and are looking to change the world - for better or worse. Don’t forget to pick up your bag of Metcalfe’s popcorn!

GERMANY – 18 min – Dir. Malika Musaeva
When Lukas disappears after finding support in radical Islam, one mother’s journey to save her son begins before he’s too far gone. After fleeing a civil war, Director Malika takes from her own family experiences with radicalization to explore whether it’s something unsuspecting family members could have seen coming – and prevented.

UK – 13 min – Dir. Amber Tordoff- Gibson
OverExposed follows the story of an ambitious couple in London who find themselves getting lost in the boundaries of who they are in reality and on online. Who are they when the cameras aren’t rolling?

ISRAEL – 11 min – Dir. Alona Amram
A teenager wades through the muck of young adulthood in the wake of celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. Tensions between her family and peers persist, but Toher is determined to have her cake.

USA – 5 min – Dir. Kelsey Ferrell
A short film about not taking life for granted as told by those at the beginning of it. Here’s To explores recognising the beauty in everyday life and appreciating what it means to be alive.

UK – 38 min – Dir. Laura Mahler
Four young filmmakers take matters into their own hands as they explore the crisis of plastic pollution in the UK and abroad, while seeking solutions and documenting the realities of going ‘plastic free’.


Mirth, Marvel & Maud , 186 Hoe St, Walthamstow , London