Influence and Persuasion Workshop

Cubley Hall, Penistone

Thursday, 7 Sep 2017
9:00am to 4:00pm


Would you like to be more persuasive?
Learn how to boost your profits using your powers of persuasion and influence.

You are invited to the:
Influence and Persuasion One Day Workshop
By the Persuasive Partnership, Peter J Beard and Will James.

Ample free parking.

Who should attend:
Business Owners, Directors, Managers and Entrepreneurs with targets for growth in profits this year.

Aimed at companies like yours who offer brilliant services and products, and have a well thought out marketing strategy, yet struggle to boost your profits to the next level.

The techniques of Influence and Persuasion can be used to increase the profits of your company by:
• Increasing your lead-to-sale conversion rates.
• Increasing your actual sales prices.
• Reducing your lead-to-sale time and cost.
• Communicating more effectively with your staff and suppliers.
• Negotiating lower cost of supplies.

By achieving the above you will increase your revenues at the same time as reducing your costs and significantly improve your profits.
These techniques are highly effective for all verbal and written communications and cost you nothing to implement bar a little bit of mental energy.

They are effective for every aspect of your business that requires communication and decisions

A one day workshop that will show you how to gain the Winning Advantage in Sales Negotiations
You will discover tools and techniques that make others:
• Feel compelled to Listen to you (not just hear you).
• Choose to Agree with you.
• Want to Help you.
• Decide to Buy from you.

When a well reasoned, evidence based argument is not enough, add the ‘Want’ to the ‘Why’.
By the end of the workshop you will know:
• How to increase your lead-to-sale conversion rates
• How to raise your prices
• How to reduce the cost of every sale
• How to communicate more effectively with your staff and suppliers
• How to negotiate lower costs from your suppliers
• And much more

Includes a light breakfast and buffet lunch.
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Reserve your place now for this fact-filled workshop with Will James and Peter Beard.

This workshop achieves a satisfaction score of 95%

Read a sample of the great testimonials we have received: -
‘Great training, addressed points clearly, and was enjoyable to take part.’ Jack at DataSolutions.
‘The training was very interesting. Peter covered many areas useful to sales and the booklet was a great idea, so you can always have that to look back on.’ Siobhan at DataSolutions.
‘As someone new to sales the course was very helpful and informative for moving forward.’ Damian at Art Graphics.
‘The content was relative to our sales roles. The presentation was kept entertaining and informative throughout.’ Chelsea at DataSolutions.
‘Really pleased I attended, very useful and enjoyed the different approach from sector focused fundraising courses. Just got to put it into practice now!’ Clare at Action Together.
‘An Excellent, informative, practical and thoroughly enjoyable session.’ Jon at Metamorphic PR
‘A fantastic and incredibly interesting angle to approach sales from. We were informed on fascinating statistics as well as undergoing hypnosis which really made the training stand out from other sessions.’ Peter at DataSolutions.


Cubley Hall , Cubley , Penistone