Contortionist Workshop with Hannah Finn

Butterfly Fitness Studio, Sheffield

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017
11:30am to 4:45pm


Hannah Finn is a world class contortionist and has been doing crazy bendy things all over the world for the last 12 years. Not only that, she's really, really nice and an excellent instructor - I did her classes a few months ago and cannot recommend her enough! I felt totally safe with her exercises and progressions, and learnt how to do painlessly do stretches that I've always found too painful in the past!

So here are the two classes we're planning - or if you want a private stretch session with Hannah she's available for that too!


£40 per person

Learn the foundations of contortion. This workshop goes back to the basics, introducing you to the art of contortion training with safe and proper form, alignment and technique. Students will learn solo and partner stretches to increase flexibility, earn how to have awareness of the whole spine, lengthening, strengthening and bending in each part of the spin, utilze specific exercises using both passive and activce flexibility as well as the use of PNF techniques, and develop a key body awareness while bending. This workshop is suitable for all levels - for those just starting out to the super bendy, where Hannah will share her knowledge and experience about how to safely and successfully stretch to reach your flexibility and contortion goals.


£40 per person

Want to develop your practice of contortion further after nailing the basics? This workshop is for people who are already familiar with the foundations of contortion and want to improve their flexibility, technique, contortion skill vocabularly, and solidify their contortion training regimen. This workshop is aimed at increasing flexibility, gaining a more expansive vocabularly for contortion tricks and safely and effectively continuing ones ability to train contortion. This workshop is not suitable for complete beginners - it is aimed at those looking to progress their flexibility beyond the basics (intermediate level)


Butterfly Fitness Studio , Butterfly Fitness Studio 49A Valley Road, , Sheffield