Rebuild: A Festival of Post-Apolyptic Theatre


A celebration of theatre, the end of the world and the building of new ones - four theatre companies come together with four unique productions to create an incredible evening of immersive and interactive performance.

Stay tuned for more information on the performances and companies as they develope their work for the night.

Church of Jim
Presented by Forest Sounds
What is Jim? Will the world end? Will there be cake?
The Church of Jim is immersive theatre meets alternative comedy. It is a riotous warm cuddle, a party wrapped up in the guise of cult worship, a confrontation with the chaos of our situation.
★★★★★ State of the Arts ★★★★ Artsdepot

Performed by Eve Cowley and Grace Darbs
In a strange future, two young girls shovel through the earth, hunting through the remnants of the world they once knew. Alone and unsure how to cope with the vast desolation that surrounds them, they create stories about the objects that they uncover, finding solace in the narratives they create, and in each other’s company. A darkly comedic piece about memory, consumerism and loss.

Three Post-Apocalyptic Comedians Walk Into a Bar…
Presented by Stuffed Horse
We will re-build society by reinterpreting the past. We’ll re-mesh ourselves into the natural world, turn our backs on democracy, laugh loudly at ourselves, tell each other fantastic stories and run a tombola. A lively, fun show stringing scenes from the future together with audience games. And puppets.

Presented by Blue Kazoo
Utopia is a place of peace. It is a place where everyone is welcome. Join this interactive theatre experience and help build Utopia from the ashes of civilisation. Using scale models, paint, glue and anything else we can find, we can design a new world and fill it with goodness.

Supported by the Arts Council England.