Win A NYC New Years Eve Meet and Greet

A fun filled evening meeting with Christine Batza Hinrichsen at 5pm at Wall Street Girl Statue and walking around enjoying the evening from there. Winner gets choice of one full paid meal at the location of their choice at their time of choice, wondering around the city accompanied until midnight in which a signed autograph will be given to the participant. Anytime within the evening getting a picture with Christine is allowed and encouraged near Wall Street Girl. Ask any questions or dig her brain for any future project thoughts she has and have a wonderful evening for a great cause to fund Batza Eastcoast & Assoc. start up costs to begin the process of schools having security guards on all campuses across the country. Funds will 100% go to main office overhead and hiring the first schools worth of guards until federal funding or a bank loan comes in. Be the drive behind starting this great cause. See you on New Years Eve!