Supply chain management, smart logistics and the emergence of blockchain event

The Showroom Workstation, Sheffield

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018
3:30pm to 8:00pm


General Admission
£0.00 + £0.00 fee


In parallel with the development and growth of other Industry 4.0-enabling technologies in the region, Sheffield is now seen as a leader in advanced supply chain management (‘Logistics 4.0’), both as a driver for the city’s growing digital and manufacturing industries and as a sector in its own right.

Supply chain management will transform over the next few years with the emergence of techniques such as advanced data analytics, digital supply chains and blockchain technology, autonomous decision making, smart warehousing and intra-logistics - all of which will impact the Sheffield City Region, creating new opportunities for regeneration and growth.

We’ll be discussing issues including:
•What is Sheffield’s economic opportunity as a centre for advanced logistics and supply chain management?
•What are the fundamental drivers for the new technologies?
•What are the enabling technologies in the development of smart logistics, and what will be the impact of blockchain?
•How can academic research in this sector best be commercialised and how can the city best develop effective partnerships and technology transfer strategies?
•Will Bitcoin become the new ‘reserve currency’ across the supply chain?
•Why the current accelerating rate of change and disruption in the economy puts effective commercialisation and M&A at the centre of any long-term strategy for success in supply chain management.
• Why planned M&A will be a critical component for advanced manufacturing companies to achieve growth, scale, internationalise, secure IP and drive continuous innovation and investment

The event will comprise an initial plenary event, followed by a choice of break-outs


The Showroom Workstation , 15 Paternoster Row , Sheffield