Sing Away the Blues

Sheffield Cathedral, Sheffield

Friday, 8 Feb 2019
7:30pm to 10:00pm


Adult Ticket
£9.00 + £1.00 fee
1 x Adult + 1 x Under 18 Ticket
£11.82 + £1.18 fee
1 x Adult + 2 x Under 18 Ticket
£14.54 + £1.45 fee
1 x Adult + 3 x Under 18 Ticket
£17.27 + £1.73 fee

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The SAGE Singing Through the Seasons Group are joining forces with three Sheffield Community choirs for an evening of acapella performance at Sheffield Cathedral.

This concert marks the end of a year of workshops for the SAGE choir and will celebrate the power of community and singing as experienced by member's of the choir whose mental, physical and social well-being has improved through engagement in this project.

The collaboration with three other Sheffield based choirs (Purple Cats, Body of Sound and Carfield Community Choir) will culminate in around 120 voices united in Sheffield Cathedral to Sing Away the Blues.


Sheffield Cathedral , Church St , Sheffield