Tuning into Teens parenting program

The Karma Hub , Rotherham

Thursday, 7 Feb 2019, 10:00am - Thursday, 28 Feb 2019, 12:30pm


Standard ticket
£80.00 + £8.00 fee
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£60.00 + £6.00 fee

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The Tuning into Teens program aims to help you and your adolescent manage the many emotional challenges of this stage of life. This is a four week program, 2 1/2 hours per session. The program will teach you how to manage your own and your adolescent’s emotions in ways that help you to remain close and keep communicating. By learning these skills, you are less likely to have as much conflict within your family and your teen is more likely to talk to you about the challenging issues they face. These are factors that have been found to reduce the risk of mental health and substance abuse problems.

The program is based on the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is about using your emotions to guide you through the world. It is about being able to use your own knowledge of emotions to make decisions, to calm yourself down, to manage anger and conflict, to help you in your relationships with people, to know what is happening in social situations, and to assist you in many aspects of life where you or another person are involved.

Why is Emotional Intelligence important?
Research has shown that adolescents with greater emotional intelligence:
• are more aware, assertive and strong in situations of peer pressure
• have greater success with making friends and are more able to manage conflict with peers
• are more able to cope when upset or angry
• have fewer mental health and substance abuse difficulties
• have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults
• have greater career success — Emotional Intelligence may be a better predictor of academic and career success than IQ.

When parents focus on helping their teen learn about emotions, the young person is more likely to have higher emotional intelligence. In this parenting program we will teach parents what to do to help these skills develop, and in doing so we expect teens to manage adolescence better.

Suitable for parents and carers of children aged approximately 10 and above.


The course will run on Thursday mornings for four consecutive weeks in February as below.

- Thursday 7th Feb, 10am - 12:30pm
- Thursday 14th Feb, 10am - 12:30pm
-Thursday 21st Feb, 10am - 12:30pm
- Thursday 28th, 10am - 12:30pm

Cost: £80

Payment in installments available.

Places strictly limited.

Any queries please message the Thaleia Project, email thaleiaproject@outlook.com or call 07435634708.


The Karma Hub , 19 Old Church road , Rotherham